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In the contemporary world kitchens have replaced living rooms and dining rooms as the primary entertainment area. Kitchens are the center piece as well as the heart of every household. A fabulous kitchen begins with imaginative vision but gets completed due to planning knowledge and skilled craftsmanship. Choices for materials, design and amenities are limitless but BGI Construction has the insight and experience to guide you in making a functional as well as polished remodel while keeping in mind your budgetary commitment.

We offer kitchen remodeling in Bloomingdale and the surrounding suburbs, including Wheaton, Hinsdale, Barrington, Bartlett, Schaumburg, St. Charles and more

kitchen upgrade

We guess it is only recently that you’ve thought about remodeling your kitchen. Well, no matter what others tell you, it is the right choice if you think your kitchen needs a revamp in terms of space, design, or even if you want to relocate it.


Kitchen remodeling begs a lot of attention, and this is why certain homeowners deem it nothing but an uninvited hassle. However, what they don’t know is that when you approach the practice professionally, everything begins to ease up and within no time you’re left with a better functioning and a better-looking kitchen.

You must have read somewhere that the modern kitchen is more than just a space for cooking meals and preparing snacks. It has evolved into a versatile room for every activity from cooking, reading, socializing, entertaining, to enjoying some quality family time. What those posts say is absolutely true, and we are not going to add to it anymore because we know that you already would have experienced that your kitchen is the center of your house.

So, why not give it a little attention when you already have those nascent remodeling thoughts wandering rampant in your mind. It is time to give them a direction and contact a remodeling service that could add to your ideas and help you realize them before your eyes.

Of course, you wouldn’t have to work alongside those professionals. All you’d have to do is sit back, hold a glass of your favorite wine, relax, and watch how your kitchen is changed in a matter of time. It would almost be like watching a warped video where everything changes subtly, but with greater notable details.

We could be those professionals. We could help you in getting rid of your old compact kitchen with rustic cabinets and without any pomp and show.
How we’d do it? By invigorating your ideas

We know that for any homeowner, his own ideas can work well, given the fact that he or she has used the kitchen all those years of living in that house. Our foremost priority is to invigorate your ideas, give them the necessary power and added creativity they need to flourish to their best in the space of your kitchen.

Since we have been in the remodeling industry for long, we have learned all the necessary elements and trends of the market after working with numerous clients. We have learned the art of bringing your kitchen into the limelight by enhancing its function, design, and space.
By applying the best design strategies

Our designers and remodelers are well equipped with the knowledge of the industry as they are graduates in their respective fields with enormous experience. We have inducted them because of their professional knowledge. They are accustomed to defining strategies that can enable them to work for the betterment of your kitchen.

So, whether you want to:
-paint your kitchen,
-add a kitchen island,
-add shelves,
-add spice to the countertops,
-upgrade your appliances,
-spare a nook for a cozy addition,
-revamp the floor,
-add smart little cozy things,
-add sliding cabinets or other types,
-create a definite workspace with everything at an arm’s length,
-open your kitchen up for guests, or
-apply any other idea,
we’d be here to listen to you closely and start working as soon as we understand each other better. We’re eagerly waiting for you at our phones, call us right now!

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