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Update the most important rooms in your home with the help of an expert team. BGI Construction is a trusted source for reliable kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Barrington, Illinois.

With over two decades of experience, we have handled a wide range of home renovations. No matter the scale of the project, you can rely on us to transform your kitchen or bathroom.

Start Your Renovations in the Kitchen or Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom have the biggest impact on the comfort of your home and its appeal. Giving these rooms an update can dramatically enhance your living conditions while boosting the value of the property.

If you plan on spending years in your current home, why not take the time to make it more livable? For those planning on selling, kitchen and bathroom remodeling may help you sell your property more quickly.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling in Barrington

In many households, the kitchen has replaced the living room as the main room of the house. However, old counters, limited cabinet space, and cramped layouts can make the space less enjoyable.

We can help design a kitchen that meets your specific needs. Allow us to come up with ways to maximize the available space and add more storage.



Dependable Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

Update or completely renovate your bathroom to create your dream sanctuary. With new flooring, paint, and fixtures, you can give your bathroom an entirely new look.

We are committed to your satisfaction. At BGI Construction, we have a dedicated team with many years of experience serving customers in Barrington and the surrounding area. We strive to anticipate surprises and keep you informed throughout every stage of the project.

Our goal is to give you the kitchen or bathroom that you’ve always wanted without the stress that typically comes with major renovations.

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